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:/ tiny gripe

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 1:50 PM

tumblr is a great place..
In fact my sailor moon comic did really well there. At least I feel so. I'm past 200  notes, over half of which are reblogs. And considering I'm an absolute nobody with hardly any connections and most of my full art posts miiight get 1 or 2 notes, that's.. pretty good.

But.. there is a side to tumblr that just baffles me, and irritates me to a certain degree.
I dont watch many blogs cause some people just go freakn nuts on the reblogs and I always have to wonder why.. I guess its just a collection of things that they can call 'their own to identify themselves with'? Either way, I watch two sailor moon blogs just cause some nice or funny things come up sometimes. Ever since crystal came out though, they've been going ape-shit on the gifs. And at first I just rolled my eyes when they put bellow the post.
All they did was record and crop.. yeah it takes a bit of time, but come on. The source material is not theirs to claim, and their posts should be considered 'tributes' or 'homage' if anything. Not actual works. I -want- to be able to say: I dont mean to look down on people that do such things, cause it really can be useful and entertaining.. but knowing -actual- artists get their things stolen all the time, its super hard to take such demands seriously. Its like.. you want people to not steal what you stole from something else?

I eventually just had to ask when one of the blogs posted a rant about how pissed she was when seeing someone 'stealing her ideas'...
"I’ve actually been curious about something for a long time, and this is me asking honestly as an artist who doesn’t get around tumblr that much; what exactly constitutes as stealing or even claiming something as your own, if the material is something that already technically belongs to someone else (in this particular case, Sailor Moon gifs from either of the shows)? Because I admit, if someone took one of my original images or small animated gifs that I animated by hand, and called it their own after altering it, I would be confused. Again, I’m not asking to be catty or bitchy, but have been wondering this for a long time and would really like an honest answer so I can better understand." --that was me
Granted some of her stuff was heavily altered/added to to -almost- warrant a separate piece, but still...

The only reply I got was from some other random user:
“Nono, that’s not what she meant! She means stolen ideas (ideas, designs, etc.) without credit.”

so again I reiterated my question since they obviously still dont get what constitutes 'their's or 'not theirs'. And I don't get -their- definition... or if they even understand what they are defending..

I know there is some law that says if its 30% more different then its yours or something.. but thats just hard to swallow. Ok,  but hard to swallow. And not something you should get all fired up about if someone else uses unaccredited. I think the saying 'if you post it, dont be surprised if someone steals it' should be taken even more calmly by someone that didn't even have a hand in creating the source material in the first place. Not to mention most of these don't even have 30% more work put into them in the first place..

If someone made a collage or whatever, honoring one of my characters I would be flattered. 
But on the opposite side, seeing them demand credit for a cropping or PS filtering versions of my works..Would just be ridiculous.

Uuh. In the end, the initial user deleted their rant post without every answering -u-;
I made it clear it wasn't my intention to start anything, but I really was interested in hearing their line of logic in all that.. I wonder if they realized how weak the complaint was, or if they just assumed I -was- out to start something. *SHRUGS*


Megane typeu by furesiya
Wooden Ox


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EyeheartAlucard Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hello, is it ok if i use some of ur souls of chaos characters in one of my youtube vids?
furesiya Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Luckily I noticed your request to Dea on her page xD.
i almost said no.. Just remember, next time you ask someone for something like this, maybe be more specific as to what they will be used for. All I could do was guess that maybe your vids were personal stories you needed characters for.. Or literally anything else xD 
but if it's a soc tribute vid, that respects the character's integrity, I'm quite fine with it =u=b be sure to link it to us when you're done~
EyeheartAlucard Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks ill make sure to be more specific with asking questions, and i will make sure to link it to u
nekoterra44 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  New member Student Filmographer
I LOVE your work!!It is amazing!!
furesiya Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Thank you so much ! :iconsweethugplz:
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