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Holy shit, this is terrifying.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 2:40 PM


CHARGEBACK ISSUE / BEWAREI was avoiding the fact of doing this but since a lot of people are on the same boat, I shall aware all the peeps who watch me as well
So there's been this artist called Nyanperonya :iconnyanperonya:
who has been adopting and buying commissions from a biiiiiiiiig group of peeps
But guess what?
Everyone is getting a chargeback without mere explanation given!
However, I took my time to ask them and this is what I got
Unfortunately, and I am sincerely sorry, but the one who you are trying to contact, my sister, regarding payment issues, is not allowed upon the Internet at this moment. Typing this is her older brother, and I’ve been granted permission to monitor what she’s been doing on the computer. I’m not sure myself about what she did, but she made a huge mistake. She had taken information from our parent’s debit card, and had purchased a few things from the Internet. Of course, she had kept the card information on her PayPal account and that account was

Mostly, the comments. The body of that journal is.. iffy to say the least, but the shock is in the comments.

They clearly illustrate a huge flaw with current PayPal policy.
Someone can issue a Charge Back aka a refund without your consent, for one. Incurring charges YOU must pay on top of loosing your initial money (some people had over a hundred dollars in fees)

Then on top of THAT, Pay pal will not generally deal with you unless you have 'proof of shipping'.. meaning if you sold a digital -anything- they do not count it as sufficient evidence and you will still be left with an unjust forced refund as well as the fees.

I don't know.. 
is it just me or does this seem all really dated on PayPayl's part. They are an -online- payment company. Its literally what they do, dealing with digital money. There are plenty of ways to buy digital things and that makes them  no less worth the real value of money. Not to mention, when you go back to a store and want a return/refund, you have to first of all, get them to accept it and issue the refund themselves, but also you have to give the item back. In digital, you can't really do that, they will always have the piece saved on their hard drive or whatever. 

Luckily I've not had this happen to me ever and would like to think that the people that have bought from me are decent and good.
Some people were there saying how sweet this person was, and that they didn't' expect it. Well.. it happened. And no excuse of hacking and such can really explain what happened. She bought a bunch of stuff on a stolen card and her parents are disputing it probably. Rather than taking responsibility for their kid's actions. I mean, going to a store and demanding to have their money back for a bunch of candy their child bought with a stolen 20$ from their wallet would NOT fly. No where, ever. The sellers would be like, can I get my candy back? No? well, it was bought and consumed, there is no way I'm going to hand you back your money.
Yet, us as digital artists and creators, are denied that.

Not to mention, don't ever assume someone is actually nice and good just because they type nice and good things. Even when I was in gaia, I had seemingly nice people screw me out of things. Whether it was intentional or they were just too immature and oblivious to realize just how horrible they were being.. doesn't change the fact that online, and shit, even in the real world, don't assume.

=n= Now with my faith in humanity shaken a bit and my nervousness to use paypal risen by 120%... I will go back to finishing my commissions. Because I honor my deals >n>


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Midori250 Mar 21, 2014  Student Filmographer for you. I hope you like it ;v ;
thank you so much :iconnyuuplz::heart:~!!
TixieLix Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Castlevania fave!
sure thing! Keep up the sexy work *U*~!
TixieLix Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll try my best ^^
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