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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 18, 2014, 3:41 PM

So besides just being bored with this new SM Crystal episode, I think this is the part of the show I dislike the most. I'm jaded to the point where the shitty production just makes me sigh, rather than getting upset.
but this..
I just can't. Can't even.

In the intro song for every episode eve;;

Later in the episode. This comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone that knows even a LITTLE about the series.

No.. Tuxedo Mask.. Dont.. you can't buy that right??

No.. Tuxedo Mask.. come on.. you know better... seriously..

Literally a handful of seconds later..

Oh ok. You're going to jump in front of your friends to .... what? For a second I thought she would actually protect them!

She's not buying it.
I probably shouldn't be either...


Welp. That didn't last long. 
Good thing TM apparently did come to his senses and  knew better than to leave her alone for even a moment.
But you know. They're all strong women and stuff. They dont need no mens. Certainly not to save them or anything like that.
imo you can approach a story with the idea that its got lots of fluffy romansu and last minute saves that emphasize the fluffy romansu.
or you go full on feminist like in the intro song.
Not both.
That's just... Come on. Really.
I wonder if Naoko -actually- approved of that....

If I wasn't reminded of this idea EVERY OPENING, it wouldn't bother me so much maybe, but its there, to the sound of rock guitars and girl group vocals. Every time.
I could rant on and on about hypocrisy between whats -actually- in the show/manga/whatever and what fans paint it to be half the time.. but I wont eve;;;;;;;

I'm still and always will be a fan of Sailor Moon.. but generally for rather different reasons than most . Especially these days.


Megane typeu by furesiya
Wooden Ox


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