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Things were lovely, until....

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 4:10 PM

After reading dea's rant on some issues that plagued us both for the past year or more, I was a little jealous xD Anyone watching me knows I dont use the journal function much in general, let alone to rant.. but I think in the spirit of letting things out and go finally, I will too for once. Also, I think the statue of limitations has expired on these cases as most happened quite a while ago and these issues always pissed me off or hurt in the fact that I had to stay quiet for professional reasons.

And I say professional reasons because even though it might just be a silly little rp group, I was Admin.

To me, that meant basically running a business. We didn't take people's money or anything, but we were still putting out a product. An experience. And we did so for three straight years, delivering every step of the way without hiatus. Which to those familiar with the rp group scene, know is uncommon. If groups make it past the first few months without just shutting down completely because the admin and mod team couldn't handle it, they usually go on 'hiatus' at some point for the very same reasons.. and very rarely manage to revive fully. We kept trucking though, all the way to the end even if most of the members had faded by then.

A few of those due to drama of some sort.
And with utmost honesty I can say that each and every single of those cases was due to one single thing.

A Special snowflake sense of entitlement.

Every single damned case was because someone expected to be treated above the others, and when they didn't get that special treatment they flipped out as if we had taken their basic human rights.
The group had very bluntly stated rules and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was held accountable for them.

We had put into place quality guidelines for the story mission at one point because it wasn't fair if someone worked 20+ hours on their's to get 1 point for their faction, and then someone comes in last minute with a thrown together whatever and get that same 1 point.

So yes. Maybe you still feel you worked hard on your submission. But its still not to the very defined and clear rules.  It really should not be offensive if those that follow the rules get accepted and those that don't, do not. It really should not.
The admin and mod team NEVER played favourites. In fact, a collab between -three- of us admin was declined after looking back and going damn.. its not enough. We didn't even allow -ourselves- special treatment. Yet some people blew the fuck up when they didn't get it themselves.
And the worst part of that was -they- got to go out and scream and cry, kicking up dust here and other places so people noticed them and -their- version of the story (which was -always- woe is me, these people are so heartless and cruel!). Yet we had to sit here and bite our tongues off and remain professional, trying to work things out and calm things down in private when at all possible. We spoke up once, but that was because very rude fingers were being pointed at our mod team who were and never were responsible for their 'anguish'. When all we wanted to really do was make our own screaming and crying journals and tumblr posts of how unfair it was to us, that we are trying to treat everyone equal yet get shit on when someone feels they should get more for whatever reasons they worked up in their heads.

Or if they were given a position of privilege in exchange for doing work for the group, but then they just stopped performing those duties... and were told, nicely I'll add and after a heads up, that they would be removed from position for the moment. If they ever got time again in the future and were willing to perform the duties required for that position, to let us know. Chances would be that they would be accepted right back. But otherwise, we would like to keep the roster of actives only, and perhaps fill the vacancies with people that will -work-.
But nope. Instead of saying 'ah, alright, sorry I wasn't around at all. If I get more time in my busy schedule/life, I'll contact you again'. It was blow ups and whining fits. They wanted to be sat down and given a friendly-er-? talking to because they felt they were personal friends of some Admin meaning they should get special treatments over the others that might not have been. Or they suddenly realized they didn't want to loose their privileges of power and position in game so pitched a fit saying they didn't want to be removed.. yet probably didn't have any intention of actually performing the duties still. 

And again we were painted to be the horrible heartless monsters by only a few people that had an unjustified sense of entitlement yet their words spread above ours because it would be in horrible taste for us to even go public with those tantrums while we were still doing our best to keep a calm and smoothly running group.

You know what happens when organizers start playing favorites? Everything crumbles and goes to shit. Those that get the favoritism thinks its damned awesome, sure. But those that aren't 'in the circle' feel left out and rightfully  mistreated. THAT is what we did not ever want.
If we allow your submission to be accepted even though its not to the rules, or even an extension when no one else was getting one (and already told that, so instead they busted their asses to finish on time!), then we would have to give -everyone- those privileges. Then its not a privilege anymore, but simply how things are done. Then what the hell is the point of the rules in the first place? Or if we set aside a few hours to talk to you about removing you from position until you can actually perform the duties, then probably having to calm you after you freak out anyways because you feel entitled still, we would have to do that for -everyone-. Otherwise the people that didn't get that special treatment and favoritism would be like wtf, and justifiably so. And honestly, we just didn't have that kind of time.

I've also had people in and out of rp groups feel that just because we talked some, maybe rped once, maybe twice, that suddenly I owe them things.
I don't.
The only time I owe anyone anything is if I've literally been payed. 
If I've received a gift, I -might- feel like returning the favor, but I sure as hell don't -owe- it to you, so dont try and trap me into giving you something even though I'm the type of shy insecure person that will just feel stressed when that does happen.  So please don't OTL

And one last rant.. wow this is all more angry sounding than I had intended xD but.. that just goes to show how very bothered I was by all of this for so long. Anyways.
Just because you find someone else with a character that has the same eye and hair color as yours or -whatever-, dont assume they are ripping you off. Don't get me wrong, I've come across a fair number of things that make me go huh, that could -very- easily be a fan art of *insert one of my charas here*. But its not. And I keep that to myself.
Its so tacky to go around whining for support where you shouldn't need it. And I certainly hope no one actually goes to the poor artist's page to say such. Because you are just criticizing someone else for the design choices you yourself literally  -just- made. For all you know -they- feel like -you- ripped -them- off.
And on that note of whining about art. Dont' go into chat rooms or to anyone really, and complain about how bad you think you are in hopes of getting reassured and praise. It just makes everyone else feel SUUUUUPER uncomfortable and eventually to resent your presence. Its not cute. Its not helpful to you or anyone else. And its just awkward. (Asking for critique and honestly accepting help is completely different.)

There :icondorianwthplz: that was all a good year and a half in coming.
Hardly as eloquent as dea -u-; but there it is.

I'm quite certain the soc admin/mod team's reputation was completely smeared thanks to these few people that felt the need to make spectacles when they were denied snowflake status.. and it makes me sad to think that most people will never know any other side of the story than just that. But it is what it is, and I and the admin and mods will always stand by our decisions and methods of handling the group. Because after 3 years, 95% of the members had NO issues and greatly enjoyed the experience. They knew and understood the rules without expecting something they actually aren't entitled to and just had fun.


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